By Marcos Alberto Sant'Anna Bitelli / José Leite Pereira Filho

Coletânea de Legislação de Telecomunicações

Reunindo uma criteriosa legislação de comunicação social selecionada pelo renomado especialista da matéria, Marcos Alberto Sant”Anna Bitelli, esta Coletânea apresenta as mais recentes normas relativas a temas como audiovisual, autor, cultura, informática, internet, jornalismo, propriedade industrial, publicidade, radiodifusão, software, telecomunicações, TV digital e TV por assinatura. Além do conteúdo que compõe o livro impresso, esta ...

By Marcos Alberto Sant'Anna Bitelli

Comunicação Social

The presumed potential of digital communication skills are real nowadays – and so, more than ever before, digital communication is object of interest to lawmakers. Due to new apparels for this specific scenario of Communication Law in recent years, this literature has acquired such importance that is now part of the RT Specialized Legislation Collection, ...

By Alfredo Ruy Barbosa | Marcos Alberto Sant'Anna Bitelli

Coletânea de Petróleo e Gás

With this publication the publishing house Revista dos Tribunais carries on with the series “RT Legislação”, aiming at bringing together in one single volume the set of norms that govern a certain segment in the Brazilian legal universe, in the most comprehensive manner and in a very practical and easy-to-handle way. This anthology contains the ...

By Marcos Alberto Sant'Anna Bitelli

O Direito da Comunicação e da Comunicação Social

Twenty years of experience in different areas of communication enabled the author to conduct the research and organization of this work. His experience in writing monthly articles in magazines addressed to the lay public allowed him to use a language that is free of the prejudices of dealing with a scientific work. It presents the ...

By Rosa Maria de Andrade Nery, Rui Geraldo Camargo Viana, Marcos Alberto Sant'Anna Bitelli, Glauber Moreno Talavera, Maurício Pessoa, Rogério Ferraz Donnini

Temas Atuais de Direito Civil na Constituição Federal

The studies presented address Civil Law under the light of the Constitution, a premise that is necessary to the infra-constitutional legislative reform. The studies range from topics such as the Brazilian family in the current constitutional system; the right to housing, which is expressly guaranteed by Article 5, Section XI of the Federal Constitution; the ...