• 20/02/2017
Bitelli Advogados led the legal advice of the acquisition of Superpedido by Book Partners


• 01/07/2015
Exhibitors in São Paulo obtain victory in the TRF-SP against the limit to mega releases


• 28/05/2015
Exhibitor keeps on without fulfilling additional screen quota


• 09/03/2012
Ancine intends to limit advertisement on pay TV

Adjusting Recine and the audiovisual law

Law 12,599 / 2012 established the Special Regime Taxation for the Development of the Cinematographic Exhibition Activity - RECINE. This fis...
The future of Cinema Regulation

The ANCINE Regulatory Agenda 2017/2018 was published in the Official Gazeta "Diário Oficial da União" on April 4, 2017, through the ANCINE O...
The Legal 500 Latin America

BITELLI ADVOGADOS e MARCOS A.S.BITELLI wish to thank clientes for the triple recognition by Legal 500, in 2017 at TMT (Technology, Media and...


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